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Type: Turnkey site
Client: Safe Haven Investment
Scope of work: Copywriting, Design, Development

Safe Haven Investment is a financial trader project with 8 years of experience trading in financial markets, which helps private investors to manage their investment portfolio. The team provides financial and investment services, working with tools ETF, Option, Crypto, Currencies, Futures


Usually, the sites of institutions that provide financial services are full of information. Our goal was to provide the maximum of information to potential customers of Safe Haven Investment, but to do it in a stylish and modern way.

Minimalism combined with elements of swiss typography and brutalism helped us to realize the site exactly as we imagined with the client at the beginning: visually restrained, but stylish. Informative and pleasant to use, with an elegant aftertaste of a serious financial institution

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Key points


The site has 4 themes with trendy colors. Each has its own unique colors for UI elements (navigation elements)


Try how smoothly the pages turn. This effect improves user interaction with the site, as information on the screen of any device appears without abrupt movements

Animations of icons and other elements of the site emphasize the content on which it was important to focus users. Each icon was created under the text to further illustrate the main idea of the paragraph or title


In today's world, mobile design is as important as desktop

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