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Type: Corporate site
Client: Metshrot
Scope of work: Copywriting, Design, Development

TM LUCKY DUCK is a representative of METSHROT LLC, the official importer of meat products of the European production concern GRUPA CEDROB. The business owner approached us with the task of creating a website to start selling products online in the b2c market, as he had previously worked only with b2b


At the first stage of development of the company's online twin, we decided to develop a business card website with a catalog of the most popular products. The site visitor can get acquainted with the company, view the range and place an order through the contact form.

The design concept focused on large headlines and conciseness, so that users quickly perceive exactly the information that the business aims to bring to the minds of potential buyers. We was made product template for the product pages, which can be easily filled with different blocks if necessary



Key points


The design of the site is made in atypical for the food industry style. To focus the user's attention on important information, large headings were used, which alternated with blocks of text


In today's world, mobile design is as important as desktop

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