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Our key competency is to create emotional digital products that solve the business problems of companies, brands and entrepreneurs


a creative it team Rest assured: an Emotion project is a business solution that you will flaunt in front of your friends

We create
from 2018

From scratch to market leaders

Several freelancers from different fields came together in an autonomous team to create cool sites with a WOW-effect. Entered the market with zero experience in web-development, we knew only one thing: how we want to see the digital environment

Looking around, we have almost never met such sites, which in our opinion, should be in modern business. Aesthetic, comfortable, fast and technological at the same time. There was either a good picture with a twitching interface, or fast and convenient sites, but boring and outdated from the outside


Burning desire is more important than formal experience

In a short time we have already caught up with the quality of the final product of local leaders. We clearly understand how to achieve WOW in any project. We know dozens of "experienced" competitors who, in addition to work experience, can not boast of projects of a decent level

The purpose of Emotion is to make each of our products fall into the user's heart and evoke pleasant emotions from use


Leonid Kostetskyi

Creative developer and web designer

He loves to combine the modern technologies with visual aesthetics

Scrupulously approaches each project. Details, details and details again. He began his career as a web designer, but when he realized that his ideas could not be realized by others, he began to understand Zen technology, user psychology, and playing the guitar to relieve work stress with songs

Roman Stets

Product manager, client's lawyer

He loves to turn chaos and disorder into a clear structure

Works at the intersection of technology, design and business. Not just cares about the final result, but personally teaches to the maximum. Even if the customer does not have a clear vision of the result – okay, not a problem. Empathy and structured thinking help to lay out the project requirements on the shelves and convey them to the team


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