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Type: Turnkey site
Client: Roman Stets
Scope of work: Copywriting, Design, Development

We had the task to create a business card website for the Copywriter and exProject Manager (now Product Manager) of the creative agency Emotion. The site should display the approach of a private specialist to work and create the necessary image: a persistent and creative specialist, capable of solving any professional tasks.

An additional task of the site is to tell about all the skills and specializations of Roman, as well as to acquaint potential clients with the portfolio and approach to work. The task of the agency is to create a website that will meet all the above requirements


The main feature of the website is a creative, modern design with expressive fonts and unusual placement of elements. Due to bold visual solutions, the user interacts with the site as if in an art gallery. Elegant grid with a portfolio, creative text and two-color themes emphasize the professional image

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Key points


The site has two color themes - day and night. Each has its own unique colors for UI elements: buttons and navigation elements


The site is optimized thanks to the implemented technology of deferred loading of scripts. Thus, first, the scripts that are necessary for the operation of a particular page of the site are downloaded, and at the right time, those that remain inactive are downloaded

Realistic visual effect on the images of cases: the images are stylized under paper posters with a glossy effect, they are also animated in such a way that the user has the effect of presence; as if the image was about to fall into his hands directly from the monitor or screen of a mobile device


In today's world, mobile design is as important as desktop

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