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Type: Turnkey site
Client: KSh Design Buro
Scope of work: Front-end & Back-end Development

KSh Design Buro is a studio of interior design and architecture from Lviv that is the cultural capital of Ukraine. The owner of the studio, Konstantin, asked us to breathe life into the already created design and fill it with animations worthy of these stylish projects.


Together with the customer, we have developed several variations of animation for different pages of the site. The creative concept was based on Constantine's own vision of the studio's projects. We designed the animations to create the necessary mood and satisfy the users of the site of a certain group: those who appreciate the visual aesthetics of design, are connoisseurs of elegant classic style with elements of modernity, and do not like haste in making decisions.

This feeling is the basis of our visual solutions: to ensure the smooth operation of the site, we used WEBGL technology to "revive" images and a smooth scroll technique for smooth scrolling of pages

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Key points

Live images

To add interactivity to the site, all images have a visual effect that slightly modifies the image, as if making it alive. Images "come to life" as the user flips the page in different directions, and hovers the cursor over the image itself

Smooth operation of the site

A certain mood is exactly what needed to be conveyed through the site. The site should work smoothly, but without delays and other technical defects that can spoil the user experience. We used a smooth scroll, as well as an elegant animation of site loading and transitions between pages

Convenient admin panel

For quick and easy editing of content on the site, we have installed a headless CMS Storyblok. This is an admin panel that allows you to edit the content of the site in a few clicks, and almost instantly displays changes to the site. Compared to traditional solutions such as WordPress, it is very flexible and easy to use by site owners.

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