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We create sites

Productive and trendy sites at the intersection of technology, marketing and aesthetics

From A to Z

Carefully designed UI/UX solutions, user-friendly interfaces, visual creativity and modern technology are what make a successful website stand out. We combine client business goals and our skills to create sites that don't leave chance to competitors

Corporate sites
Tunkey sites

Stages of site development

  • 01

    Business process analysis

    Introduction with the project is like a first date. It is joyful and a little exciting, because we are on the threshold of something new and beautiful. Several interviews and analysis of the client's business processes allow to look at the project from a new angle. We systematize the received information, and on its basis we create a preliminary strategy of site development

  • 02

    Studying of competitors and the market

    We are sure that the blue ocean can be created in any direction. Of course, you need to understand how the future site will outperform competitors to satisfy the user. We study the sites of your competitors and the market to create hypotheses and creative concept of the future site

  • 03

    Creating a technical task and concept

    Based on the collect data, we develop the concept of the site, which will fall directly into the user's heart. When developing the technical task and structure of the site, we rely on the strategy from stage №1 and the requirements for the project. We describe how the site should work: from the general impression of the user during interaction to the description of functions, scripts, sections and buttons

  • 04

    Prototyping and design

    We create prototypes for the future design system. We take care of the usability of the site: we make sure that on mobile devices and PCs the site tells the user how to interact. We fill the site interface with emotions and visual aesthetics to meet the needs of business and users

  • 05

    Development and integration

    Hundreds and thousands lines of code that the site user dosn’t see are responsible for creating a dynamic interface, animations and interactions between different elements. We use a modern approach to development: frontend and backend are based the latest technologies and frameworks. Also we integrate third-party services with the site

  • 06

    Launch and improve the site

    A website is a living project that must growth together with a business. We launch the site, collect feedback from the first users, analyze their behavior and impressions. We fix mistakes, eliminate them, and then test hypotheses again to find solutions that will meet your business needs

Formats of work

  • Project

    Fixed cost per project. Together with the customer we create a technical task in which we describe in detail the functions of the site. This document is the final guide on which we carry out the project with almost no deviations in the process.

    Suitable for small and fast tasks, when it is clear what the desired result is for promotional landings with a fixed number of blocks, for example.

  • Hour

    Fixed cost per specialist's working hours. We work with sprints: after the completion of each of them, the customer receives a project that is already working. Step by step we increase the functionality and volume of the project. The flexible approach allows you to make changes quickly without extra costs.

    In the process of work, the customer has the opportunity to change the priority of work and start with a minimum development budget.

We create services

Digital products for startups and process automation in small/medium business

From A to Z

Web services and mobile applications based on modern technologies and frameworks. We help startups to bring the product to market, and already operating companies — to systematize and automate business processes with the help of various web services