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We create services

Digital products for startups and process automation in small/medium business

From A to Z

Web services and mobile applications based on modern technologies and frameworks. We help startups to bring the product to market, and already operating companies — to systematize and automate business processes with the help of various web services

CRM systems
Personal web-account
Mobile applications

Stages of service development

  • 01

    UX and UI analytics

    You have an idea, and we have a technological solution. At the first storm session, we get to know your business better, ask questions continuously, and analyze this information. The main task is to understand why users need the product and whether they are ready to use it. Next, we create an informational and visual architecture of the product

  • 02

    Analysis of target audience and competitors

    Analysis of target audience and competitors Who, where, how and when will use your product — we need to know as much as possible about what your competitors offer and what users expect from the future product. We conduct interviews, ask clarifying questions to users and on the basis of the received information we put forward product hypotheses

  • 03

    Creating technical task and architecture

    No technical task? There are no guarantees :) That's why we document all the requirements for the project in detail, and collect everything together in project-WIKI. Based on the business goals of the client, we select the optimal stack of technologies and create the business logic of the future product

  • 04

    Design and prototype

    We design a working prototype, correct the errors and transfer solutions to design layouts. We form the visual aesthetics of the product: we being creative up the convenience of the interface, visualize the user's jotney and select stylish visual solutions to evoke pleasant emotions in people from using the product

  • 05

    MVP development and launch

    We write thousands of lines of code to transform design requirements into a living, working product. We are preparing for the release of MVP — the minimum viable product to give it for testing to the first users. We are setting basic metrics and track them in real time to get feedback in time and make the necessary changes quickly

  • 06

    Improvement & improvement

    We continue to bring the product to perfect condition so that it reaches the required metrics and satisfies the customer's business goals. We build functionality, support and implement changes that are needed to best meet the needs of users

Formats of work

  • Project

    Fixed cost per project — time & material. Together with the customer we create a technical task where we describe in detail the functions of the site. This document is the final guide on which we carry out the project with almost no deviations in the process.

    Suitable for small and fast tasks, when it is clear what the desired result is. For example — promo-landings with a fixed number of blocks.

  • Hour

    Fixed cost per specialist's working hours. We work with sprints: after the completion each of them, the customer receives a part of the project that works. Step by step we increase the functionality and scale of the project. The flexible approach allows you to make changes quickly without extra costs.

    In the process of work, the customer has the opportunity to change the priority of work and start with a minimum budget.

We create sites

Productive and trendy sites at the intersection of technology, marketing and aesthetics

From A to Z

Carefully designed UI/UX solutions, user-friendly interfaces, visual creativity and modern technology are what make a successful website stand out. We combine client business goals and our skills to create sites that don't leave chance to competitors