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Type: Web service
Client: Emotion Agency
Scope of work: Prototype, UX/UI, Development

When we are working with projects, we use a variety of web services that have a personal account. For its security, we needed to create unique logins and passwords, and keep them on hand for quick access. But we were faced with the lack of such a place, so we independently developed a service for storing and managing passwords


We designed a convenient and concise design of the service — a password manager, in which there is nothing superfluous. The password manager has the necessary set of functions: registration and authorization via Google, creation of cards with a login/password, adding cards to folders, automatic generation of strong passwords

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Key points


MEVN-stack was used to create the service. For back-end: Mongo database, Express web framework and server platform on Node.js, and for front-end — Vue.js


We developed a design system that is easy to scale. If there is a need for a new section, we will be able to quickly implement the design of a new page from ready-made UI-components


We focused on the security of personal data, so we used modern means of encryption and secure storage of information: from SHA-256 encryption to a password generator in the personal account for creating safe password

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