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Type: Web service
Client: BrightId
Scope of work: Design consultancy & frontend development

Aura App is a mobile application for a startup that is engaged in creating a new digital network for identifying Internet users and confirming the reality of their existence. The Aura App itself is part of the global Bright.ID project, and is used to establish connections between users and evaluate each other.


The startup team turned to us for help in the final design stage. We played the role of consultants and helped to complete the design phase and move to the actual front-end development.

At this stage, we have completed the work of creating interface animations, as well as integration the frontend part of the application to the already existing backend part.

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Key points

API integration

Information about Aura App users automatically appears after authorization using the Explorer Code immediately in the application, and Energy calculation takes place in real-time - and this is just one example of the practical use of the API in this project. We connected the Aura App to the main app via an API, allowing the two apps to exchange data in real-time

PWA instead of mobile app

Since we are talking about a startup, it was important to make the MVP version of the application as quickly as possible in order to get the first feedback from real users, and in the future to continue making changes based on feedback. So the Aura team asked us to develop a PWA (progressive web application) instead of a classic mobile application

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