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Type: Turnkey site
Client: Leonid Kostetskyi
Scope of work: Design, Development

We had the task сreate a business card site for designer and front-end developer Leonid Kostecki to clearly show the skills of a specialist, as well as use the wow effect to encourage potential customers to cooperate


Leonid Kostetsky made the site independently: from the creation of the concept and design to the development process. The idea and challenge is to show how a true professional, even alone, can create an objectively cool site without a team of creatives, designers and developers

Does the site work? Still! We ourselves had no idea that it would be so «selling»: three applications for the first 24 hours of work is a good result for our niche. We have once again made sure that effective and convenient sites that evoke pleasant emotions help companies and brands find customers

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Key points


The visual effect on the pictures is what attracts the user's attention. It works both in statics and when turning the page. And when the user hovers the cursor over the picture, magic happens


The visual part of the site is built on a complex grid and large typography. This creates an unusual visual contrast with the rest of the site's elements, allows you to control the user's attention and focus on the right things

The effects of opening cases and parallax animation of the text adds a sense of interaction with the site, which attracts the user to view content and get pleasant emotions


In today's world, mobile design is as important as desktop

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